Right-Size Into The Home of Your Retirement Dreams!

Wednesday Jan 29th, 2020


Your older years deserve a Right-Sizing of your living space that fits with your new reality. This is not the end of your ‘prime’ years but the next step in a simpler more fulfilling time in life. Move past the negativity that the term "downsizing" can bring. Right-sizing into your ideal home should be nothing but exciting and positive!


We are so fortunate to be living in a time when life expectancy is the longest it has ever been, and more importantly, many are living those years in excellent health. Mature adults are traveling the world, continuing with meaningful work well past traditional retirement age, and finding great fulfillment in charitable causes. The Boomers and beyond are living their older years with direction and conviction!  


How does this tie into the family home? Well, in every stage of life, your home is the foundation to creating the life of your dreams. Years ago, a large home that could accommodate growing children, plenty of guests and big family dinners was a necessity. But, what are your needs now, as you enter your 60s and beyond?


Planning ahead, keeps you in control of your future, ensuring that you can fulfill your retirement vision and achieve the goals you’ve spent years working towards. A ‘wait and see’ approach can lead to hasty decisions that have not been fully considered and ultimately multiple moves and lost money. Working with a Realtor who understands this process is paramount to an easy, smooth transition.


I’m an experienced Realtor, specializing in working with mature adults. I have combined my past knowledge as a Physiotherapist with the specialized skills attained by completing the “Accredited Seniors Agent (ASA)” designation. I work with my clients to help them create a plan around their housing needs, both present and future, by assessing several key areas;

• Lifestyle goals

• Social Engagement

• Financial resources

• Health concerns


Together we create a plan around these key areas and determine how they will shape your housing decisions. We explore the different living arrangements available and layout a timeline for when or if a move should take place. With the help of my team of specialists, and armed with new knowledge, you can make the right decision for you.  One that minimizes stress, maximizes control and allows you to focus on enjoying this next stage of life.

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