Whether you are a Boomer, a Zoomer or an older Senior, your Real Estate needs are unique and my knowledge and skills are tailored to meet those needs. While moving is an exciting process, it is not always easy. My goal is to minimize anxiety by equipping you with knowledge of your options as well as any needed resources. Perhaps you have to move out of a long-time home because of health or financial reasons, or maybe it was always part of your long-term plan. Whatever the reason, finding your perfect, next home requires careful thought and consideration. That is what I am here for.

I am amongst a few GTA Realtors that has secured the Accredited Seniors Agent (ASA) designation. This means that I have studied the differing needs of mature adults and have tailored my Real Estate business accordingly.

Prior to being a Realtor, I was a Physiotherapist focussing on Arthritis management. I have a deep understanding of the aging process and the associated lifestyle changes.  But most importantly, I love working with a mature clientele.

Why Right-Size?

It's very likely you purchased your home many years ago, and your top priority was a growing family. Plenty of friends visiting, big family dinners, children playing in the yard. However, years later, those needs and requirements may no longer be there. Having a large home, is accompanied by many burdens, in terms of time, financial and mental energy. A mature couple, may choose that the current home, no longer meets there needs and maybe it's time to consider right-sizing into a home that better fits your current and future needs. 

When it comes time to consider making a late-stage move, there are many factors to consider beyond simply listing your current home and buying a new one. I strive to understand your unique situation and tailor a solution to achieve your goals. 


Perhaps the lifestyle that you envision does not include caring for a large home. Travelling for large parts of the year, or spending time at a second home, may mean that the liability of a home that sits vacant for part of the year, just doesn't make sense.


Many mature adults have considerable wealth tied up in their homes. Years of appreciation in a desirable area and a minimal mortgage, could mean your home could offer a significant retirement fund. Unlocking this wealth may be the key to funding your dreams!


Of course, as we age, health issues may arise and the physical demands of caring for a large home may not be feasible. Changing health needs can be a major determinant of when a move is necesary.

When you work with Seema, she will work together with you to assess your current and future needs. She is well-versed in the many different options available, from smaller detached homes to condos to retirement communities and beyond. Seema will help you understand how to right-size to live your best life.

To help you in this process, I have created a network of exceptional specialists, including:

  • Real Estate Lawyers and Estate Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Financial planners who specialize in retirement living
  • Mortgage brokers who specialize in reverse mortgages
  • Downsizing specialists
  • Consultants on Aging
  • Certified aging-in-place contractors
  • And an in-depth knowledge of community resources 


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